Radiation Therapy

Radiation Therapy

Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT)

Another first in the Philippines – A new and innovative radiation treatment that provides a single dose of radiation for 25 to 30 minutes immediately after a lumpectomy while the patient is still asleep. In selected early breast cancers, this eliminates the need for a tedious, lengthy whole breast radiation which is given a few weeks after surgery everyday for 6 1/2 weeks or 33 treatments.

Standard radiation therapy vs IORT

Standard radiation therapy treats the whole breast after surgery. Usually, it takes 33 daily sessions to complete one cycle.

Intraoperative radiation therapy involves radiating only the surrounding tissue after the tumor has been removed. It is often done during surgery and consists of one session that takes approximately 30 minutes depending on the size of the cavity after lumpectomy.

Who can undergo IORT?

Your surgeon will assess the following criteria before determining eligibility:

  • Age
  • Tumor characteristics (size, location, histology type)
  • Extent of cancer

Advantages of IORT

  • It allows for breast conserving surgery (or lumpectomy) vs. total mastectomy
  • Lessened treatment time (1 session vs. 33 sessions)
  • Better quality of life (lessened travel time, less side effects)