Who We Are

Who We Are

The Asian Breast Center is a comprehensive, one-stop, specialty breast center that focuses on diagnosis and management of breast cancer. We provide a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to breast health care including screening, diagnosis and treatment. We pride ourselves as a world-class and innovative breast facility that is able to bring personalized, supportive and evidence-based patient care.

We are the only for-Profit-for-Charity Ambulatory Center in the world dedicated solely to the management of breast diseases, affiliated with a major hospital in the United States offering evidence based treatment recommended by the NCCN Guidelines.

Vision and Mission

Our VISION is to be recognized and respected as the premiere breast center facility in the country – one that becomes a pioneer and benchmark for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the breast.

Our MISSION is to become the facility of choice for women seeking a new approach to breast health and cancer treatment. We aim to succeed in this new trend of entrepreneurial philanthropy where a for-profit entity could spin off revenue to support numerous non-profit entity needs. We hope to provide a consistent revenue stream for non-profit hospitals that will sustain funding to provide the same level of care to many indigent patients with Breast Cancer.

Our Philosophy

We aim to EMPOWER and EDUCATE – YOU are in charge of your breast and breast health.

  • We are committed to engaging our patients in discussions about the importance of breast cancer screening and offering different treatment options before they make an informed decision.

We aim to evolve – Breast cancer should not be a life sentence.

  • We are here to be on top of new and reliable developments in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment to be able to offer the best possible care.